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Kunming golf courses are rated as some of the best golf courses in China and it’s no wonder the spectacular scenery that Kunming offers is talked about the world over.  Kunming golf courses have been awarded as one of the 100 best in the world – notably Spring City Golf & Lake Resort and the most difficult in the world – Jade Dragon Snow Mountain Golf Club.  Let’s get one thing out the way, to play on any of the best Kunming golf courses is not cheap.  Spring City Golf Resort is a Kunming golf course that will cost you almost RMB3000 on a weekend, that’s almost USD$500 if you book directly with the golf course.

The question is, is it worth it?  Definitely, it’s not something you would play everyday for that price but if you’re on a golf holiday in Kunming and wanting to play the very best Kunming golf courses, Spring City Golf & Lake Resort is definitely worth it, as is Jade Dragon Snow Mountain Golf Club.  Many of the courses don’t have their own websites, and the ones that do have been designed poorly and good luck getting a reply from them.  Kunming Golf has partnered with a Chine golf tour specialist who can offer golf packages to all the best Kunming golf courses.  We’ll arrange your hotel, transfers and green fees at whatever Kunming golf courses you desire and we’re multi-lingual meaning your stay in Kunming will be an enjoyable one.

For more information on Kunming golf courses, please continue to browse our site or feel free to contact Kunming Golf to get advice, quotations and any other information about Kunming golf courses.

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